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Your business is our business.

Punia serves your business goals by providing design
and marketing solutions that:

Differentiate you from your competitors: Brand,
Optimize your offering: User Experience, and
Promote your product: Marketing Kit.

We offer solutions that add value to your bottom line. You can read more about our approach here.

To see the work we’ve done for our clients’ business just click below:

Markupslicer   Qlipso   Konot Identity

Markupslicer Interface Design


Qlipso Interface Design


Konot Branding

Elad Properties   Astrails Idntity   Reelstage Recorder

Elad Properties Web Design


Astrails Branding


Reelstage Recorder Interface Design

Betta Security   Reelstage Studio   Reelstage Identity

Betta-Security Web Design


Reelstage Studio Interface Design


Reelstage Branding

Maxim Identity   Funky Fish Identity   Fetish

Maxim Various Brandings


Funky Fish Various Brandings


Fetish Various Brandings

Alexander Lipkin   The Link NYC   3Dcollection

Alexander Lipkin Web Design


The Link Web Design


3Dcollection Web Design

A Building        

A Building Web Design